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Accidental drownings account for more deaths in the African American community. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) found that swimming pools are a much greater danger to black children and teens than they are to other children. African American children ages 5 to 19 drown in swimming pools at a rate more than five times that of white children.


If young women could swim, the possibilities that open up are endless

Women are attending college in numbers that out-number men in many academic fields. In the science fields, however, many women face the challenge of being in the minority of their classes. Representation further diminishes if you are a women from an ethnic minority group. To better encourage women from ethnic minority groups to enter and excel in STEM, Black Girls Dive Foundation provides programmatic initiatives that inspire and empower young girls and women to explore their STEM identity and engage in STEM.  Ultimately, we hope to have a broad impact in the representation of women from ethnic minority group who are in the aquatic sciences, such as Archeological Diving/Maritime Archeology, Oceanographic Studies and Marine Sciences.   


Outreach and Education is supported through grants and the generous gifts of our Donors. Your donation allows us to to provide at-risk youth and women with scholarships to attend classes on water safety, swimming and SCUBA.  


Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about risks associated with not having water safety skills and the opportunities that exists for young women to have careers in STEM. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself.  Join now and make an impact!

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