Easter GeoCache Egg Hunt

The inaugural Easter GeoCache Egg Hunt is where outdoor fun meets STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The youth community and their parents came together to learn about GeoCaching and how to apply those principles to search for Easter eggs.

What a great way to bring people together to explore the outdoors!

Masonville Cove: Planting Grass and sustainable fishing lesson.

Parents and youth came together to learn about shoreline erosion and planting grass and the merit of sustainable fishing.

At Depth: From Sea to Shining Sea

Our oceans are one of most precious resources. Every years tons of trash pollute our oceans. At Depth: From Sea to Shining Sea is a BGDF Ocean conservation initiative where our youth participate in ocean and beach clean-ups, removing harmful microplastics and debris from the coast of the Atlantic to the Pacific.

From Sea 2 Shining Sea.JPG

Andros Island, the bahamas

Andros Island was the launch of At Depth: From Sea to Shining Sea. Youth collected and responsibly discarded trash. They picked up everything in site!

clean up forfar.JPG

Seagrass Planting with the National Aquarium


Masonville Cove

BGDF Friends and family participated in grass planting at Masonville Cove. We planted over 50 plants to assist in slowing erosion.